The Splash Pad & Other Rotary Ribfest Projects

The Splash Pad & Other Rotary Ribfest Projects


The grand opening for the Town of Orangeville’s new and official bike route—Rotary Way—took place on Saturday May 28th. Over one hundred riders took part in the opening, riding their bikes from Princess Elizabeth Public School, along Elizabeth Street, 2nd Avenue and 2nd Street, to end at Alexandra Park and the Orangeville Farmers’ Market. The Orangeville Rotary Club sponsored the bike route with a donation of $20,000.

Rotary Way



The GrandPals program is an exciting intergenerational initiative that was developed at Montgomery Village Public School in Orangeville. The program aims to connect students with seniors in the local community, for the purpose of writing a life book for the senior. At the beginning of the project, students are introduced to a number of big ideas (e.g. "Every person is a story", ¨Age is only a number¨ and ¨We are different, but the same¨), a number of keywords (¨ageism¨, "dignity", ¨honour¨ etc.) and literature on intergenerational friendship. These activities provide students with a framework for understanding their intergenerational experience. As students engage in the interview portion of the project, they not only learn about their GrandPal's life, but the learning is also extended by in-class research. Students research locations that their GrandPal has visited and the historical events that they have lived through. The program culminates in an end of project celebration, where students showcase what they have learned about their senior. The celebration provides a tribute to the relationships that have been developed. Most significantly, students develop an attitude of "service above self" through the GrandPals program. In this way, the program has a great affinity with the work that Rotary does both locally and internationally. Learn more at or




GOAL: $250,000


Rotary Splashpad In Fendley Park Orangeville Completed!

Thank-you to all Orangeville Rotary Ribfest patrons & sponsors for helping us bring the splashpad to Fendley Park!

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